Why Put Yourself Down?

Why do parents today degrade themselves to become transporters and cheerleaders rather than life changers?

There must be something in the water that has made the American parent believe that their child would rather spend time being driven to practice rather than doing a fun project and talking.  Instead of playing with a parent, the child performs for a stranger called “Coach”.

The words of wisdom passed on while doing a project together, or putting a toy together are far more valuable than a stranger’s words yelled to push a child to run faster.  More significantly, as a parent listens to the words of their child while putting that toy together, can give insight into what’s going on in that child’s heart.

Sports are great, but not when they are in such abundance that the child has no one to talk to and nothing to talk about but wins or losses.

Sports are valuable for physical development but not when done in such abundance that there is no emotional or spiritual development.

Each parent has to ask themselves: “Why am I compelled to spend my time transporting my child to practice and games instead of spending time just being together?”

Is your time, talent, and listening ear really that much less valuable than that of a stranger we call Coach?