Have Hope

ADD/ADHD seems to be something that many parents have questions about because it is so prevalent in today’s society, to the point where many parents worry about their children unnecessarily.  It appears that currently only 3-5% of children truly suffer from ADD/ADHD. The characteristics of ADD/ADHD are impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity. The problem is many parents with toddlers can attest to theses characteristics showing up frequently.  So we must ask when does it become a problem? There are several factors that can cause this in young children, everything from lack of sleep, diet, or even over stimulation.  So we as parents need to ask ourselves a few questions to determine whether or not this is something that we need to take more seriously.

Is the behavior I observe in my child similar to that of other children he encounters?

Is the behavior I expect of my child developmentally appropriate?

Do I see a pattern of behavior when my child engages in various activities?

Do I see a pattern of behavior in various settings?

It may even help to ask the perspective of another objective adult such as a teacher.


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