Get Organized- Part 2

Here is a list of reminders for parents on how to consistently communicate positively to your child. It will also help you to maintain the balance of structure and relationship.

1. Listen to your child- make sure you are taking the time to listen to your child through the process of getting organized.  Make sure to include them in the process. It is easy for many of us to get over excited about being about to take charge of our family and forget to listen to our child’s voice.

2. Be careful how you react.  Stay calm.- Very important when your child is consistently hitting a wall.  We need to remember that change is a gradual process.  Remind yourself that it is about the process not the end result.

3. Be patient-A good reminder when you are feeling frustrated is to focus on the fact that they are children and not “mini adults”. They will make mistakes and have immature moments.

4. Give them active time-All children, but especially those with ADD/ADHD need time to blow of steam.  Make sure that there is time allotted in your schedule for physical activity.

5. Find fun.  There’s a huge need for laughter- Family should be about fun but it is especially important to choose fun when you are working through issues together.  Make the time for crazy spontaneous fun.

6. The power of Touch and affection- The power of positive touch is amazing.  It can communicate love and tenderness and is also vitally important when working through things as a family.

7. Find restorative time for you- Make sure as parents that you are finding time for yourself but also time to be together.  Make sure to make your relationship with God as well as your marriage a priority.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on the topic of ADD/ADHD.