Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 1

Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 1

Feb 13

You DO Impact The Selection Process

While as American parents today, we may not literally arrange our children’s marriage, we do impact their selection.  This week we are going to talk about the many ways that we impact our children’s choice in their life partner, their spouse.

We mentioned on Friday helping your children create a spouse list.  But we can begin to plant seeds even earlier by letting our children know that we are praying for their future spouse and even involving them in those prayers early on.   We can even utilize the current “happily ever after” craze to spark conversations.  When our daughters are dressed as princesses or watching the latest princess movies we can over a cup of tea, pretend or real, plant those seeds of what prince charming really looks like.  He is a man who serves his Heavenly Father, not necessarily one who rides up on a white horse.  We can teach our sons that a true super hero is the one who loves his Lord and his family by putting their needs first. (Ephesians 5)

We also have a dramatic impact on our children’s choice for a marriage partner by how we live out marriage.  Will they pick a partner who is like their mom or dad because we have done a great job representing how to serve each other?

More about this as we continue this week’s topic.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on positively impacting your child’s future marriage.