Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 2

Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 2

Feb 14

Dealing With Difficult Times Do Have an Impact

Our children watch us very closely.  There are even times when you see your child walking around in your shoes to mimic you.  They pick up phrases we say and attitudes we have, how much more will they pick up marital habits?

How we handle difficulty will have a drastic impact on our child’s marriage.  Do they see us handle disagreements with humility or are they observing all out screaming matches where both are determined to be right no matter the cost?  Choosing to stick it out for the kid’s sake but not choosing to continue to better your marriage may effect how your child sees marriage.  Make the choice to not only stick it out through the hard times but die to self and serve your spouse.  Jesus tells us that whenever we serve the “least of these” we are actually serving Him.  Make the choice to serve your children’s future and to serve your Savior by daily choosing to be humble, serve your spouse and work on your marriage.  Even if one spouse is they only one choosing to work that still means that the children will get to observe at least one spouse choosing to be married.  Remember just as choosing to stay married is a choice not a feeling, so is choosing to live out love daily.

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