Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 3

Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 3

Feb 15

Where You Begin Preparing

We spoke in brief about this in Monday’s blog.  The place you begin preparing your child for the process of picking a mate is by having open communication about the topic.  This begins in early childhood.  Even as you are praying with them at night before they go to bed you can begin the process of praying for their future spouse.  When they are little you can begin to simply pray for their protection.  As your children get older you can continue this habit by including praying that God will raise them up to be Godly adults.  Maybe even praying for some of the attributes that your child has included on their spouse list.  As your child gets into the adolescent years you can begin encourage them to pray that God will mold them into the spouse that they need to be.

All of this is an easy way to continue to plant seeds and desires to have a spouse who follows the Lord.  You are also planting seeds about how serious this process and decision is.  But it may also allow for some awesome conversations as you kids begin to ask questions about the routine of praying for their future spouse!

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on positively impacting your child’s future marriage.