Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 5

Arranging Your Child’s Marriage | Part 5

Feb 17

Preparing During the High School Years

If we look at the high school and college years as an internship for adulthood and we are the supervisor, it may help us keep perspective as parents.  These years it is tempting to be one of two ways, stifling because we are beginning to grieve their exit from our home or too hands off thinking they are old enough to make their own decisions.  It is a careful balance of allowing them to make decisions but being there to debrief and help guide wrong decisions.   This is key for training them through the dating years.

Growing up in our house first dates were always at our home.  It was a little weird when someone asked me out to try to explain that, yes the rumor was true, they did have to come over and meet my dad.  But the guys who were “worth it” came.  (and yes Dad, I am very grateful. So Thank You!! It did always make me feel special, protected and loved.)

I would recommend this approach for parents of both sons and daughters.  It will help you keep your finger on the pulse of who your children are interested in and dating.  Then you can take the time to debrief to discuss the evening and pull out the spouse list to help your teen compare.  This should help to guide your child in what they should do when you are not always around, i.e. college years.  For the college years, make sure that you still take the time to communicate with your child, if they are away from home.  You can still be there to be a listening ear and a comfort through the lonely times.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on positively impacting your child’s future marriage, through the high school and college years.