Choosing To Find A Balance

When we don’t have a parenting plan it’s easy to fall into one of two extremes. Most of us will have a bent, due to personality or parenting style we’ve observed, to either being an overactive parent or an inactive parent. The overactive parent or “helicopter parent” hovers over every decision their child makes. They keep their child on a tight leash. The inactive parent takes the “oh well, kids will be kids approach. ” The problem is with both these styles of parenting the child never learns to make wise decisions. Either mom/dad is making the decisions for them or they are not being held accountable for their actions.
We must learn to find a balance between these two and become an active parent. An active parent is one who utilizes an established plan to help their children learn to make wise choices. They “drop the leash” and set up a fence, or boundaries, for their child to learn in. Check back the rest of this week as we talk about how to create that parenting plan.

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