The Boundaries

One of the hardest things in creating a parenting plan is where to start. One of the analogies we use with our residential kids and parents is sports games. A football game has a set of rules and a set of boundaries. There are boundaries drawn on the field for the players to stay in. The boundaries wouldn’t make much sense with out the rules but the rules wouldn’t work either with out those out of bounds lines. So an easy place to start in creating a parenting plan is a boundary for your house rules to exist within. That would be the schedule. The first thing in creating a schedule is a wake up time and a bed time. Those are the framework for your day, everything else can fit into it. We have mentioned many times that children feel secure in a routine/schedule because they know what to expect. If you can have consistent meal times add those in next followed by leaving for school time, homework time, chore time and whatever else that is important to your family schedule. If you can set this up and begin to follow it, adding your house rules will be a little easier because they have a framework to fit into.

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