Being Married with Kids | Part 4

Being On The Same Team

One of the things that is imperative for parents is to be on the same page in parenting. Children can easily sense that parents are not on the same team and exploit the situation. But even worse can frustrate the two spouses and eventually drive a wedge between them.

Creating a parenting plan is the way to keep two spouses on the same page. The next step is to have a weekly “staff meeting” to allow you to keep up with the plan and any adjustments that will happen.  You also need to communicate to your children that you are a united front. Saying things like, “ your father/mother and I need to talk about this so I will let you know our decision,” when your children come to you asking to do something out of the ordinary or if there is a big rule infraction.

Remember that everyone will come to parenting with different expectations. You have to take the time to work as a team in order to be consistent in how you handle things.  If you don’t take the time to be on the same page when situations arise, resentment can build that can tear apart the marriage relationship. Make those weekly staff meetings a priority on your calendar!


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