Being Married with Kids w/Adam & Torrey Roberts | Part 1

The Wake Up Call

God allows each phase of our lives to happen for our growth and continual death to self, among many reasons.  Through the dating phase we can easily appear to put the others needs ahead of our own because it is not all day every day.  Plus we are putting our best face on in order to attract the other person.  When marriage happens, after the “honeymoon” period, we begin to see the other for who they truly are.  For some this is when things can get rocky because we must now choose to put the others need before our own.  For most couples the next progression is children.  This can be the ultimate dying to self as we are up many nights and making major sacrifices for the little one now in our care.  For many, marriage can get placed on the back burner because parenting is such a sacrifice.  We can’t focus on the needs of our spouse when the children’s needs appear to come first.  This leaves each spouse grappling to get their own needs met and can begin to cause issues for the marriage.  So what do we do as parents? We are going to spend the rest of this week discussing how to be married with children.


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