Being Married with Kids w/Adam & Torrey Roberts | Part 2

When You’re Overwhelmed

When you bring a new baby home, to say everything changes is an understatement.  There is so much going on, with so little sleep those first few weeks seem to go by in a blur.  If you are a first time parent it is so much of a learning curve as you are caring for this little life that is totally dependent on you.  Those first few weeks take so much, that parenting is an around the clock and all consuming thing.  What can be detrimental is if we never come out of this state of being overwhelmed.  We can easily go from day to day almost in survival mode.  With young children it can be one thing after another, first getting the baby to sleep, when that finally happens teething begins, then mobility, potty training etc.  Life can become a whirlwind of wishing for sleep or time to be alone with ones thoughts.  Then many of us, some might say foolhardy, decide its time to add a sibling to the mix.  Parenting is definitely not for the feint of heart!  We must be careful through all of this not to loose the priority our marriage needs to have. Tomorrow we will begin to discuss practical ways to be married with children.


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