Being Married with Kids w/Adam & Torrey Roberts | Part 3


One of the ways to come out of that survival mentality is a somewhat simple thought.  It is simply being intentional.  There are several areas to be intentional about in your marriage.  The first is being intentional about communication.  Make sure that you are setting aside time to communicate with your spouse, this is something that we need to make a daily priority.  Secondly, we need to be intentional about touch.   Simply holding hands or even hugging each other communicates to your spouse and your children the priority of the relationship. Be intentional to take the time to recognize and acknowledge the little things.  This simple little step goes along way.   A simple “thank you that meant a lot to me when you did… “ can be a major encouragement, even if it is simply for taking out the trash!  We also need to be prepared to cross gender roles.  During crazy times of trying to find balance we can serve each other by doing a job that our spouse may not have had the time to get to.

These times of intentionality need to occur anytime there is a feeling of simply trying to get through the day, whether it is chasing small children or balancing the crazy schedules of older kids.  Take the time to be intentional about your marriage!


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