Helping the Blending Family

Choosing to do family well is a high calling and our main ministry.  For those who have been called into a blending family have an amazing ministry opportunity.  Many may be reading and listening this week, wondering what they can do to support those who are in a blending family.

The first type of family who is in need of lots of love and support is the single parent home.  There are many things we can do to show support.  We can take the kids out for and evening so mom or dad can have a few minutes to himself or herself just to breathe.  We can take a meal over so there is one less thing to think about.  Especially this time of year we can invite them to be a part of our families festivities. Holidays can be an especially hard time for a single parent family.

Most importantly we can support by spending time in prayer.  Both blending and single parent families can use our prayer support and encouragement.  For the parent of the blending family you can be a listening ear if they need to talk.  For any parent there are days of discouragement.  We need to be there for other parents, praying and encouraging one another through the hard days.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on helping the blending family.