Blending Families | Part 4

The “Ex”

One of the most difficult things for a blending family to deal with is the “Ex”.  When parents are trying to maintain consistency it can be very frustrating for children to live in two different places.  Even in the best of circumstances house rules will probably not be the same or consequences handled the same way.  When the other home does not share your beliefs or values it can become even more difficult.  One thing we must keep in mind is our priority must be our children, not winning a battle against our “Ex”.  It is very damaging for us to bad mouth the other parent because it places our children in the middle.  We must be very careful to guard our words when our children tell us what went on during their time away.

Our focus must be to maintain consistency in our home.  We cannot control what will go on in the other home but that doesn’t mean we just throw in the towel.  We must choose to place our focus and attention to what goes on in our home.  When we allow ourselves to constantly get irritated and upset at circumstances then we are not able to give our children our full attention.  We must choose to be prayer warriors when our children are in the other home.

Consistently give your children to God.  Remember that He loves and cares for them even more then you do!


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