Building the Family Team | Part 1

Building the Family Team | Part 1

Jun 29

Why Build A Family Team?

It is essential for the parent to focus on building a team as a family rather then just a group of individuals who live together.  There are many reasons for this.  First, functioning with in a team is a great life skill which helps a child in many arenas, sports, roommates, jobs, as well as marriage.  Secondly, teaching each child to function within the group makes family run more smoothly.  It changes the focus from everyone out to meet their own needs to working together and serving each other.

When you spend your lives emphasizing “individuality” and something changes concerning a child’s ability to get attention from his or her significant family member, you might start noticing erratic behavior.  Almost everything we do today emphasizes individuality. For example, we have toys that are geared toward the individual child, rather then family toys.  It is our job as a parent to begin to train our child out of self-centeredness and towards working as a team.


For more on this topic listen to today’s podcast.


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