How is Cyber-Bullying Different Than Typical Bullying?

There is something that is different about cyber bullying from the usual form.  There is certain anonymity to it.  If you are on a social networking cite you can even set up an account with a fake name.  This would allow the bully to be totally anonymous.  What this means is that anyone and everyone could potentially be a bully. And statistics would show that it is a very common practice.  Even the victims of traditional bullying can take part in this form.

Because this is such a common occurrence and such a part of teenage culture, we must make sure that we talk with our kids about it.  When we set up the house parameters about internet we need to include the rules about cyber bullying.  Discuss with your spouse what the consequences will be if your children are caught being mean too or defaming someone else on the internet.

Many parents may ask, what’s really the big deal with this issue? First and foremost there are countless scriptures about guarding your tongue and not allowing unwholesome or slanderous talk come out of your mouth, in this case fingers.  But we also need to teach our children that not only is spreading lies wrong but spreading gossip about someone else is wrong as well.  The second thing to keep in mind is that there have been children that have been so affected by cyber bullying that they have gone so far as to take their own life.  Because of the seriousness of this we need to protect our children not only from being bullied but from being a part of bullying someone else.

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