Dealing with Bedtime | Part 2

Dealing with Bedtime | Part 2

Jul 12

Get The Child Into A Routine

For those who are in the midst of the bedtime battle, having a daily schedule with a wake up and bedtime is that is consistent will help. This means that a child’s body can get used to going to bed, whether that is naptime or nighttime, at the same time everyday.  A scheduled wake up time helps this process as well. If bedtime has become a battle it may be best to place a priority on being home with enough time to be consistent with bedtime.

Another thing that helps a child get prepared for sleep is a predictable bedtime routine.  This can be established for both nap and nighttime.  A warm bath and teeth brushed, followed by low lights and calming activities help this process.   For example, taking the time to sit with your child to read them a story or Bible story will be much more helpful then a tickle fest or pillow fight.  Make sure to sit with your child after lights out to pray with them.  This also helps them end the bedtime routine in a peaceful and relational way rather then a battle.

Take the time to analyze your schedule or bedtime routine to see if there is anything that is detrimental to your child getting sleepy or fueling the bedtime fight.


For more on this topic listen to today’s podcast.


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