Teens And Bedtime

The goal for parenting is raising a Godly, responsible adult, who is both marriageable and employable.  Part of this is knowing how to be responsible with getting some sleep.  How many college students are not responsible with this part of their lives and their classes suffer? It is very difficult in the dorm to make the right decision and spend some time sleeping, when friends are up talking, gaming or having fun.

Preparing your child for this, starts back in high school.  Parents should have the goal of allowing their child be in charge of their own bedtime before they leave the house, so they can practice.  As a child proves to be more and more responsible with their bedtime and getting up on time, their bedtime can be pushed back.  Gradually over time it can be moved to where there is no set “bedtime”.  Two things with no bedtime need to be discussed.   The teen needs to realize that mom and dad need their own time and are not there to entertain them.  This may mean that they spend time in their room after a certain point. Secondly, parameters need to be placed on internet and phone usage. It is unwise for a child to be allowed internet usage in their room with all the temptations out there, especially when there is not the accountability around.  This is great practice for teens but they can easily be given a bedtime again if they are abusing the privilege or are unable to get up and function in the morning.

Make sure to take the time to train your teen in how to be responsible with their bedtime.