Help Them Manage Their Fears

We mentioned earlier this week that one of the reasons for the bedtime battle especially for young children is fear.  It is our job as parents to acknowledge, help them cope and eventually overcome these fears.  But what does that look like?  It first starts with acknowledging that it is happening.  We need to comfort our young child when they have a bad dream or are afraid of the dark.  To this day I don’t like sleeping with my closet door open.  We can then begin to train them to cope with their fears.  Get to the bottom of what it is. If it is simply the dark then a night light may help.  If it is bad dreams then we can begin to train our children to pray and ask God for comfort and protection. Every child is different in this area so we need to take the time to find out what our child needs.  Parenting doesn’t end at night.  Take the time to comfort your child and help them work through their fears.