Get The Big Picture

We may ask why are we doing this in the first place? Is having a bedtime really that important?  We have given several reasons through the course of this week answering those questions. Everything from making sure your “no means no” to preparing your teen for college life.  There is one more area that children’s bedtime affects and that is the parent’s marriage.  There needs to be time for relationship for mom and dad.  That is why it is important, even in the teen years when they may not have a bedtime, for the parents to have some time together before they go to sleep.  This time can be debriefing the day, a time to reconnect, or simply just some adult time.  Making sure to have this time is one of the ways to communicate to your children, as well as your spouse, that the marriage relationship is a priority.  Make sure to carve out this time as husband and wife, especially if you are in a season of battling bedtime.