How Marital Conflict Affects Your Kids

We are going to spend this week discussing another marriage topic that has a major impact on your parenting, as well as on your children, and that is conflict.  For many of us the word conflict is a dirty word.  We avoid conflict at all costs and that can be detrimental.  Remember we are trying to build a team/partnership and in that there is going to be conflict.  We did not marry our clone and probably in fact married our opposite so we are going to have very different thoughts on many areas.  That’s OK!  Conflict in marriage is not a problem, if we choose not to make it a problem.  It is all in how we handle conflict.  Disagreements are actually healthy and help us to get to know our spouse more deeply and strengthen the marriage if we handle it appropriately.

So how does conflict affect parenting? On many levels actually, first and foremost our children will learn how to handle conflict by observing us.  So handling  marital conflict appropriately will actually help our children’s future.  Handling conflict inappropriately can cause damage.  Many times it affects children deeply when their parents are constantly fighting.  Their safe place, the home, becomes a war zone and no longer their sanctuary.  Another reason conflict effects parenting is because if we cannot handle conflicts appropriately then we cannot make team decisions as parents.  That is why we will spend the rest of this week on the important topic of conflict in the marriage.


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