The Different Dysfunctional Habits for Dealing With Conflict

We all come into marriage with different habits for dealing with conflict.  We can also develop dysfunctional conflict habits with in the marriage relationship.  We need to identify our habit and choose to work through it in order to develop healthy conflict in the marriage.  Identifying these habits with different animals make them easier to remember.

The first is the Turtle.  The Turtle is very good at retreating into their shell and giving the silent treatment.  Another unhealthy conflict habit we’ve mentioned before and that is the Prairie Dog.   That habit dodges the real topic by either using humor or changing the subject.  The Chimpanzee gets overly emotional when topics are brought up.  They either dissolve into instant tears or over react to the situation.  Another animal we have discussed previously is the Porcupine. The Porcupine is quick to get angry and throw verbal barbs at the other person.  The Ant uses its business as a defense mechanism to conflict.  It is either always to busy to talk through things or uses the amount on its plate as an excuse for behavior.  The Skunk heaps guilt on the other person by using statements like “you always” or digging up things from the past.  Finally the Squirrel will bury or store up  all the issues until they explode and everything comes pouring out.

Identify yourself in one of these conflict habits and choose to make a change!


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