Tips For Dealing With Conflict- Part 2

Today is day two on tips for dealing with conflict. The first tip is to make sure that we are taking the time to listen to our spouse when they are sharing. This means more then just hearing but that we are choosing to truly listen to where they are coming from.

Secondly we need to make sure that we are attacking the problem not the person. We cannot take things personally nor can we make them personal. Don’t use statements such as “you always” or “you never”. Not only are they an exaggeration but they are attack statements.

Thirdly we cannot be concerned with winning the argument. Think, it’s not about me winning but about us winning. Working through a situation or compromising can be a huge win for the process of becoming one flesh.

Choose to accept each other’s weaknesses and not just strengths. All of life we should be in process with God working in our hearts. This obviously means that we will all have areas to work on. The irony is we seem to be able to cover them up when we are dating but living every day with someone else, weaknesses can become very apparent. Instead of allowing your spouses weaknesses to annoy you, choose to focus on your own. Remember the verse in Matthew that reminds us not to point out the speck in our neighbor’s eye when we have a board in our own.

Lastly, when appropriate use humor. This is not always appropriate but when it fits humor can be used to defuse a situation. It can even help you to see how insignificant the thing that is being argued over really is.

Dealing with conflict helps our marriage be all it can be. This in turn helps our parenting be all it can be. Choose to make working through conflicts a priority for your marriage and family.


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