Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 1

 Why The Holidays Are So Stressful

Ah, the holidays! It’s ironic that a time that is supposed to bring such warmth and joy can create such disappointment, tension and stress within a marriage.  We are going to spend this week breaking down why this is and what we can do to prevent this from happening in our own lives.

The first thing that can cause this stress is our expectations.  Is our focus what we expect to get, even if it is an experience, rather then what we can give others? The second area that can cause stress is In-laws. Thirdly, finances can bring major stress especially during this time of the year.  Fourthly, if we are not careful competition to have and give the best can create stress. Lastly there is the pressure of a crazy schedule during the holidays, with parties, church events ect. crowding our calendar.  Each of these areas can cause stress in normal times of the year but can heap immense stress as they seem to all be compounded over the holidays.

Check back as we cover some of these topics in more detail, as well as how to be proactive to guard against these stressors.


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