Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 2

The In-law Factor

There are many things that can contribute to stress with in-laws even if you have a great relationship.  The first is growing up in different homes spouses each have a set of traditions that were set up by in-laws. This sets up expectations for how the holidays should go.  I remember the first time I went to visit my husbands family for Christmas.  Even though they have a fantastic set of traditions that were very fun, they were so different from mine growing up I remember thinking at the end of festivities “hmm it doesn’t really feel like Christmas.”

Another thing that can add to the stress is in-laws expectations.  Where will the family spend the holidays and how will they be divided up?  We need to process who is in charge of this holiday, parents, my competitive nature or my subliminal desire to escape into the season? Not only that but what is the purpose of the celebration? The next few days we will be looking at how we effective prepare for these stressors.


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