Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 3

It All Starts With A Marital Staff Meeting

Like so many things in marriage if we want to have a plan for the holidays to avoid unnecessary stress, it all starts with a staff meeting.  A scheduled time where the two spouses can sit to discuss the expectations, plan and purpose behind the holiday season.  The easiest place to start is the purpose.  What is the purpose behind the holiday? While creating traditions and memories for our children are important they are not the purpose for the season.  Neither is meeting my or my spouse’s needs or expectations.  The purpose of the whole season is to celebrate the fact that God intervened in our lives so drastically that He sent His Son as a baby.  This whole season should be pointing to the gift that God gave to us 2,000 years ago. In the coming weeks we will discuss how to have family traditions that help children understand the meaning of Christmas.  An annual staff meeting to remind us of the purpose will help us to not feel the pressures and the stresses of this season.  Make sure to put one on your calendar!


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