Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 4

Handling Traditions

We mentioned yesterday that in the coming weeks we will spend an entire series discussing different holiday traditions. But today we are going to deal with them in the light of what we have been discussing this week, holidays and marital stress.  Traditions are important to have for children as they create lasting memories.  They also have the ability to teach the true meaning of the season.  The problem is that no two families have the same traditions.  So this is where spouses must sit down to discuss what are important traditions from each of their growing up years and how they will be merged.  It is important to have some fun and silly traditions as well as some that teach.  If spouses don’t take the time to process through what traditions their family will have during holiday time it can create stress due to unmet expectations.  Make sure to include a discussion about how your family will incorporate and create family traditions into your holiday staff meeting.


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