The Process of Dealing With The Lie

The process of dealing with a lie can leave a parent scratching their head and wondering what to do.  If I confront it will it only lead to more lying? Often times a parent can make the decision to just ignore the behavior.  This is extremely detrimental as we discussed earlier this week because lying is such addictive behavior.  First thing we need to do is confront the lie.  Make sure your child knows that you are aware a lie has taken place.  At that point “the world needs to stop.”  A big deal needs to be made and an additional, and more significant, consequence needs to happen.  They also need to be given the opportunity to tell the truth.  When a child chooses to tell the truth we need to praise that decision.

Like we have mentioned before if a child makes the choice to tell the truth when caught doing something or in the place when they could lie, we need to go crazy with praise.  We must be intentional with “catching” them doing the right thing and telling the truth, especially when they could have lied.  Check out Teaching Your Child The Ability to Trust Part 4, for an example by clicking here.