The Reasons Children Lie

When our children are lying consistently, we may need to take a step back and evaluate why it is happening. The first thing we need to examine is our example​.  Are we telling our child the truth even in difficult situations?  One way to do this is to admit when we are wrong and apologize to our child.  Secondly, we need to examine our standards for our child. Are our expectations too high? Are we expecting them to reach a standard of perfection or getting irritated with their childish behavior?  Thirdly, is it attention seeking behavior because I have been too busy or my focus else where? Lastly, have I allowed my child to get away with lying because I have been too busy or exhausted to deal with them consistently?
Dealing with lying in and of itself can be exhausting but it is essential for us to help our children overcome, before it becomes habitual. A habit of lying can impact every area of their adult life. Take the time to evaluate the cause behind the lying. It may help to prevent it from happening.