Your Teen and Lying

Lying is a scary thing to deal with at any age, but especially in teenagers. Parents can feel so helpless because there are so many areas that a teen can make life altering decisions. We want to know our teen is trustworthy. So what do we do if we find out that our teen is lying? The behavior must be consequenced in a big way. Next, observe to find out if this is a consistent problem. Take some time to check up on your teen to see if they are doing what they say. If lying has become a pattern then a parent need to tighten up on the teens boundaries.This means we need to call a parental staff meeting to decide the areas which need to be tightened up on. A meeting with the teen then needs to take place to communicate that trust has been broken. Communicate to the teen the they will not be allowed as much freedom until trust is restored. One of the ways to build trust is to admit when you have done something wrong. When this is happening consistently and trust has been built, then the teens boundaries can slowly be restored. Remember lying needs to be taken seriously because of the impact it can have on your child’s future.