Why Teens Rebel In The First Place

There can be many reasons why teens rebel but if parents can look at these it can help to detach emotionally from the rebellion.  First, a teen is trying to figure out who they are, they aren’t children but they aren’t adults yet either.  Another reason is they are trying to spread their wings because there is a need for independence.  Also, because of development they suddenly begin to see the world a little more realistically, and even this can cause discontentment.

Another explanation could be that during the teen years, the area of the brain that is the “thinking cap” or judgment center is developing. This could explain why teens sometimes make such rash decisions without a thought of the consequences.

Teens have to deal with the emotions of growing up, peer pressure, trying to fit in and trying to be an individual. So it is normal for teens to push back and be “moody”, just as it is in the toddler phase, but some teens can take it to an extreme level and it can be very hard to deal with.

Check back as we will continue to break down this difficult topic of teens and rebellion.


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