The Research Is In

Why should parents take charge of the cyber input that is invading the life of their children?  First, the cyber world is here to stay.  Secondly, it is so dominant in our culture that it needs to be looked at.  Third, research is now coming out in volumes stating that while there is the good impact, there is also damaging impact and a potentially devastating impact.  This digital invasion came so fast in every area of our lives, we embraced it without thinking.  It was almost forced on us; it led us rather than us leading and controlling it

There has been a societal shift that has affected the day to day of our children.   First, it was television that drew kids indoors, then gaming, now it is the draw of the social aspect of the internet.  This impacts the way kids interact with each other.  Instead of going outside to play with friends they can now meet up in the virtual gaming world via the internet.  This has an impact on everything from the social skills of our children to their physical health.  We will spend the rest of this week looking into these dynamics and how they impact our families and children, be sure to check back!


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