Setting The Example

In putting boundaries around the cyber influence of our family, we as parents must lead the way in what this should look like.  This may be a difficult thing for some of us.  There has even been a new term created “Nomophobia”, no mobile phone phobia.  How many of us would turn around if we left our phone on the counter, probably most? Our smart phones have become such a part of us; a study has shown that some people experience phantom vibration when their phone isn’t even in their pocket. There have been several videos and stories circulating on social media showing how much we truly miss because of our smart phone obsessions.  We must set the boundaries for several reasons. First, for the example to our children of where the boundaries should be.  Second, we would never want to miss a moment of our child’s life because of distraction.  Third, we would never want to communicate that there is something out there that is more important then God and our family.

So what do the boundaries look like?  There must be a time set where there are no interruptions, for example car time, dinner time and family time.  There can be a place where every one’s devices are put up to charge at night, parents included.  We have all been somewhere and observed a family out to dinner, all sitting on their devices and not really together.  Don’t miss out on these precious years we have with our children! Make sure to set the boundaries for your home!