The Training Process

Conscience is knowing what’s right, then feeling the obligation to do what is right. That doesn’t come automatically, it must be taught or instilled. So the question is, how do I raise a kid of conscience? The training process has five parts.

First, we need to teach them that there is a right from wrong, or moral absolutes. Learning what is right and what is wrong comes from Truth.  The Truth, it’s not situational.  Right is right always. The same for wrong its wrong where ever it’s done, even if no one sees you.

Second, communicate with your child.  Be there to be a sounding board and allow your child to process situations through with you.

Third, we need to set the example.  Make sure to follow your conscience and express to your children when you do so.

Forth, give your child a framework in which to learn.  A great way to start is teaching your child to say “I’m sorry” even if they don’t quite mean it.  This teaches them when they do something wrong.

Fifth, we need to give them the experience of following their conscience.  Even from a young age.  Allow them to exercise their choice and then reward or consequence based on the outcome.


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