Developing a Conscience in My Child | Part 4

Cheering When Doing The Right Thing

We have consistently mentioned that one of the most important things in parenting is encouraging our children when they make the right choice.  It is not enough to discipline when they do the wrong thing; we must show them that choosing to do the right thing is worth it. That way when they are older it will be instilled in them that making the right choices although hard sometimes is worth my time.

We do this by giving rewards for the right choice.  It can even be as simple as verbal praise.  In our house with our almost three year old this is something that, although sometimes hard to remember, is imperative to encouraging right behavior.   It seems with this toddler and preschool phase it is easy to constantly be saying “no” or redirecting. I have to catch myself and make sure that I am going crazy with praise when he obeys, sometimes a happy dance or high fives are requested. It is important to get in the habit early of praising the right choice otherwise it is easy to get in the mentality of just expecting good behavior and not rewarding it.


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