Training Up A Godly Child | Part 5

The Consistencies Of Our Walk As Parents

We have mentioned some heavy topics this week as we have talked about the fact that how we live our Christian life will impact our children’s walk and faith in God. We discussed how we handle stress and difficulty will make evident what we believe.  One thing that we do which will impact our faith when we hit those difficulties, and that is how we live out our walk daily.  Do we take the time to study God’s word, spend time in prayer, and serve others?  These small things that we do daily are practice and exercise for our spiritual muscles for when the difficulties hit.  Not only that but they put consistently Godly habits in front of our children.

As children get older it may be easier for children to listen to the wisdom and advise of their parents when they know, even subconsciously, that they are daily in the word of God.  One thing that will forever be burned into my memory was seeing both my parents in God’s word daily.  Whether it was my dad in his green chair before we woke up or seeing my moms Bible and prayer journal out when we got home from school.  It is a great reminder to this day of how important it is to be studying God’s word daily.


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