Fathers and Daughters | Part 1

Gender Differences

Some may wonder why it is important to discuss the relationship between fathers and daughters.  Is it “politically incorrect” to admit that there are actually gender differences that may cause us to have to address different issues as parents? Even if that is the case, it is true.  There are several places that we can look to in scripture to see where gender differences are celebrated.  When God talks about the roles in marriage, He gives each gender a different role.  It can even be scientifically proven that men and women think and react differently. One is not better then the other by any means.  Male and female minds and emotions were created to compliment each other and work together.

That being said it is important to keep this in mind as we raise our children.  Sons and daughters will be driven by different things, react emotionally to different things and have different needs.  That is why there is no such thing as cookie cutter parenting.  The role of a father is vitally important in every child’s life but he may instill different things to each gender.  Check back this week as we look deeper at this topic of fathers and daughters.


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