Fathers and Daughters | Part 2

Fathers and Daughters | Part 2

Jun 16

Giving Her Time Helps Her Feel Valuable

I have had a very unique opportunity to have observed both the boys and girls in our Sheridan House residential program.  I worked in the girl’s home for ten years as a behavioral specialist and got the privilege to houseparent with my husband in the boys homes for two of those years.  It is so interesting to watch how different genders of the same age spend their free time.  Boys will have free time and either want to play video games, play basketball, or another sport outside.  It all boiled down to some form of competitive fun.  The girls however would either end up in my office sitting on the floor just to talk or paint their nails.  There was even a phase where they could be found sitting on the living room couch knitting! It was never so much about the activity as it was about the time spent with others or relational fun.

It is very important for a father to monopolize on this fact with his daughter.  If he is willing to use it a dad has a secret weapon in getting to know his daughter; he knows what makes her tick, quality time.  Make sure you are giving your daughter that special one on one time where you can hear her heart.  These special times are not a time for lectures but for simply getting to know your daughter.


Listen to today’s podcast for more specifics on how to spend quality time with you daughter.


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