Fathers and Daughters | Part 3

I’m Your Dad, He’s Your Father

Dads’ have a major responsibility/privilege that has been given to them, they play an huge role in the initial development of a child’s understanding of their heavenly Father.  In other words a child’s understanding of God will stem from how they view their father.  A daughter’s sense of unconditional love and security will greatly be influenced by her dad.  If her dad’s love and acceptance is not related to performance she will have an easier time accepting God’s love and grace.  If she always feels her dad’s protection and has a sense of security with him no matter the circumstances, then she will be able to hold on to the promise, “Fear not, I will never leave you or forsake you.”  If she knows that her dad will do anything in his power to provide for her and her family then she will be able to trust in the provision of God.  The list goes on and on.  What a huge responsibility but privilege that God would allow earthly dads to shape their children’s image of Him


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