Fathers and Daughters | Part 4

Fathers and Daughters | Part 4

Jun 08

Fathering By Example

A father has a unique opportunity in his daughter’s life to set the precedent for how she is to be treated in other relationships.  He sets her expectations for how she is to be treated in a dating relationship, as a wife and mother and over all as a woman.  He may do this with out even being aware it is happening.

We have constantly reiterated that we have little eyes always watching what we do and how we handle things.  A little girl is always watching the only man in her life to see her worth and value as a girl.   This is influenced by how he treats her mother and other women around them.  By this her father will set the tone for how she thinks women should be treated and if that role is worthy of respect.

Dads, make sure that you always keep in mind that your daughter is seeking to see her value in your eyes and how you love and respect her mother will play a big part in that.


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