Fathers And Sons | Part 1

Fathers And Sons | Part 1

Jun 12

Why The Relationship Is So Important

In times past the father was able to spend countless hours pouring into his sons.  It was built into their day automatically because most fathers were training their sons to take over the family business or the farm.  There may have been bumps in the road for those relationships and fun was probably not high on the priority list in those days but a son did get to observe and learn consistently from his father.  Today’s father/son relationships are very different as most men are working very hard outside their homes to provide for their families.  Pouring into relationships with children is a parental choice and mindset that needs to be made, especially for today’s father.

Last week we looked at the father/daughter relationship. This week we will be spending time investigating a father’s role in his son’s life and how he can raise up a godly leader to impact the next generation.


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