Fathers and Sons | Part 2

Fathers and Sons | Part 2

Jun 11

Why The Relationship Is Difficult

Yesterday we mentioned how different the father/ son relationship is from years past.  A son was basically able to be an apprentice to his father.  He was able to observe not only how to run the family business but also learn what it means to be a man.  He was able to see how his father handled difficulty, marriage, faith and finances.

Today’s father doesn’t have the privilege of his son apprenticing him.  In order to instill these things in his son he has to make the effort, and choose to make that effort a priority.  Not only does today’s father have to work to find the time to train his son in the areas important to manhood, he may not have had that role modeled for himself.  Many of today’s fathers come from broken homes, single parent homes, or their father simply did not have the time or know how to make the relationship a priority.

It is important for today’s generation of fathers to make a priority instilling the values that are important to manhood!


For more insight on this topic listen to today’s podcast.


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