Don’t Prepare Them To Become Adults

The whole goal of parenting should be to raise Godly children who will become responsible adults. This will make them marriageable and employable.  To do this we should be giving them more and more responsibilities as they age. They can earn more privileges and freedoms as they prove themselves responsible.  Sometimes this means allowing natural consequences to occur.  It is tempting for us to fall into the trap of rescuing our children.  If we keep rescuing our child for something like forgetting their homework, we are actually enabling their irresponsibility.  We also need to hold them accountable, make sure they are doing what they say and following instructions.  Another area we need to be working on with our children is teaching them how to share, give and sacrifice for others.  This is an extremely important lesson to have learned before going into marriage.  Siblings help a parent to train in these lessons.  Make sure you are encouraging and applauding when you see one child sacrificing, no matter how small, for their sibling.  Keep the end goal of parenting at the forefront of your mind and remember that we are raising our children for adulthood.