Let The Culture Around You Dictate Your Parenting Plan

There are several areas we can allow the culture to impact how we parent.  The first is keeping a crazy schedule.  It seems like there is a belief that if I keep my children busy they won’t get into trouble.  The problem with that is then training your child gets placed on the back burner.  Another area of cultural influence can be the concept of all work and no play.  With all the busyness and homework in our children’s lives we must make sure to carve out time for family fun.  Our culture also seems to have our children growing up too fast.  We need to remember that our children are still children.  We need to have realistic expectations of what they are capable of but have a plan for when unacceptable childish behavior happens.  Parents have to be sure to work as a team to create the plan for training their children.  We must set aside a time to talk as a team weekly, to make sure that we are on and stay on the same page.  This is just the “tip of the iceberg” of areas we can let culture impact our parenting.  Even if it is counter cultural we must make parenting our children one of our top priorities behind our relationship with God and our spouse.  Take time out to evaluate how you may be allowing culture to influence your parenting.