As we are processing through this time of “preseason” for the school year, one thing we need to make some decisions on is our children’s recreation and extra curricular activities.  What boundaries are we going to place to protect our family time.  If we don’t do this it is so easy for our family calendar to get eaten away by activities.  When this happens we can become only a carpooling parent and not a training parent.  After you and your spouse have come to decisions about guarding your families schedule, it’s time for a family meeting.  Sit down with your children and discuss what are activities that they really want to do and what can be cut.  You may even want to get a calendar for each child as well as having a central family calendar to help keep planning organized.

There are several reasons that we don’t want to over schedule our children.  Even though most of the extra curricular activities are wonderful and teach great things.  One thing that is very important for our children to learn is what to do with down time.  Constructively handling down time is something that can be key for college/adult success.  It is also very important to have family time religiously on the calendar that way we don’t loose touch on who each other are as people.

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