Perhaps one of the most important of all the things that we can focus on in the school year is relationship.  In the craziness of all going on it is an easy thing to get left by the wayside because it takes time and intentionality but teaching our children how to relate to others is a very important area of training that we cannot miss out on.

How do we do teach our children heathy relationship? The first way is to role model.  As parents we can be intentional about communicating with our spouse in front of our children.  As they get older it is ok to have “talk time” while the children play.   They need to observe that our relationship is important and takes constant communication.

The second way is to pursue relationship with your children.  This can be best done through one on one time.  If you have an errand on a Saturday take one child with to help, alternate children of course.  As we have mentioned numerous times you can take time weekly or monthly to “date” your children.  It can even be as simple as spending a few minutes each night with your children individually on their bed talking or recapping the day.

The point is relationship is something that we have to put on the calendar or it is easily forgotten once the fall is in full swing.  Take time to talk to your spouse and get your “game plan” for how you will make relationship a priority this school year.


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