Getting Your Husband Engaged in the Parenting Process | Part 1

Getting Your Husband Engaged in the Parenting Process | Part 1

Feb 20

Why Do Dads Do Less Parenting Then Moms?

Many moms may wonder why there is a disconnect between their husbands and their kids.  Even from birth some dads are uncomfortable with babies but for good reason, they haven’t ever really been around one.  Now all of a sudden they are a parent and have one of their own.  We are going to spend this week talking about how to help your husband engage in parenting.

There are many reasons why moms tend to do more of the parenting.  With dolls and playing house most girls even from a young age are groomed from their imaginary play to be a mom. Then they have nine months bonding with the child growing with in them, feeling every movement and hiccup.  Even through the birth process a hormone is released to help them bond even more with their child.   For all of these reasons moms may have an easier time parenting even from the beginning.  There are many dads who want to be just as involved but may not have that “maternal instinct” in knowing exactly what to do.  This is where we not only need to allow our husband the chance to bond with their child but coach them with affirmation especially early on. Check back tomorrow for more on encouraging your husband in this process.


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