Getting Your Husband Engaged in the Parenting Process | Part 2

Getting Your Husband Engaged in the Parenting Process | Part 2

Feb 21

Engage Him Early In The Child’s Life

One of the ways that we as moms help our husbands get involved in the parenting process is by getting them involved early.  If a man can be involved in the birth process and very involved in the first few days at home, it will help him feel more and more competent with an infant.   Even for first time moms who have prepared themselves those first few days home with a new baby can feel overwhelming.  Choose to partner with your husband and learn together.  This is where you may need to set boundaries up with other family members and friends as you learn through this.  As a mom is recovering it is wonderful when family steps up to help.  Set up guidelines for this time where a new daddy can bond with the baby as mom is resting.  Maybe other family members can help with meals, laundry, cleaning and older children giving dad this time with baby as well.

Moms sometimes unintentionally sabotage their spouses efforts when they try to do everything. Even though they may feel they are more competent, moms need to allow their husband to be involved and give him a chance to learn as well. Some may need to take it a step further and invite their husband to be involved.  Ask him to help with a diaper change or bath.  Allowing him to enjoy these early days helps set the stage for involvement later on.


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