Getting Your Husband Engaged in the Parenting Process | Part 4

Getting Your Husband Engaged in the Parenting Process | Part 4

Feb 23

Special Daddy Times

Another idea to encourage your husband in his parenting is setting aside time for special daddy “dates”.  This can be for both genders but can be especially important for dads and daughters.  Growing up both my brother and I got to have breakfast with dad once a week on alternating weeks.  Then as I got older once a month dad would take me out on a daddy date.  This was where we would go out to dinner sometimes even to a nice place.  He would always model for me how I should expect to be treated by guys by opening doors and getting my chair.  These were always fun times that helped to set my expectations for the future.

There were several other times that worked well for his busy schedule where he could spend time with us.  One time that worked was at bedtime.  Some nights he would  sit on the edge of our beds and just talk.  He would make a point to do this to spend time with us especially if one of us had gotten in trouble earlier.  It would restore relationship and communicate that we were important to him.

Another time that worked for our family growing up was dad would take us or pick us up from school a couple days a week.  It was always a highlight the days we would see his car in the carpool line.  He choose to make those times special and memorable by doing things like having a pizza waiting for us in the car on a hard day or sometimes we would stop for slushies.

Find what fits with your families schedule but make sure that you take the time to fit in those special daddy times with the children.  Be assured it will impact them into adulthood!


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